Saturday, August 11, 2007

Asians, let us unite and spread the word of Dr Paul!


P Campbell said...

Thanks for helping spread the word!

Mister-I-Mare said...

welcome =)

TS Education Holdings said...

My brother Philip and I live in the Philippines and we've been supporters of Ron Paul for years. Primarily because of the Lew Rockwell and Ludwig von Mises Institute websites. I think we're the only ones in the Philippines.

Filipinos are sadly too socialist to consider joining the rEVOLution or even a life not provided cradle to grave by "public funds", but my brother and I recognize that the only way this country will change is with a Ron Paul presidency.

My country receives about US$30 million a year from foreign and military aid. We want it to stop SO OUR COUNTRY CAN PROGRESS.

First, its not right for the US Federal Government to take money from poor and middle class Americans and give it away to rich foreign politicians and military officers.

Second, it kills any incentive here to improve our economy since all we have to do is wait for next year's handout.

Third, the money usually gets diverted to the politically connected and maintains their hold on power.

How can the little Filipino compete with that? GO RON PAUL!!!

starcraft said...

Dear TS Education Holdings,

Someone in the singapore video comment said to have digital picture taken of you and your supporter preferably with a Ron Paul sign taken in a Philippine landscape I think would show the world that you are not a ghost in the web but a real person from and in the Philippines.

George said...

I live in the Philippines and got to know about Ron Paul due to my interest in gold as an alternative currency vs paper money. Ron Paul is well known as an advocate of the gold standard which is the way to stop inflation and increase the living standards of people all over the world, and especially in the Philippines, where the Peso buys less and less each year. If Ron Paul gets elected, the US will move towards a gold standard and this will encourage other countries like the Philippines to do the same. I am not a US citizen and so I cannot and should not send money to support his campaign, but I will include Ron Paul and the US in my prayers.

benny said...

I still think America will fall if Dr. Paul or someone like Kucinich didn't win. Falling in the sense it has already lost habeas corpus and posse comitatus. This does not bode well for the rest of us. I've always admired what the founding fathers stood for, and went to an American high school in Singapore. But this time I couldn't even donate for the 5th November event because I am not a citizen nor a PR. I tried to support Ron Paul by purchasing slim jims and other paraphernalia but wasn't allowed to by federal law.

Didn't think that a hundred dollars constituted foreign meddling in domestic affairs you know!