Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ron Paul Peace Train said...

Thanks so much for supporting Ron Paul!

The message of freedom is the message of peace and we need to spread this message worldwide!

I hope you already saw this:

Peace and God Bless,

"Ron Paul Peace Train"

PS. I/we host a weekly national Ron Paul meetup conference call - if you can have skype I'd be happy to conference you into it. I know it's going to be very early in the morning but it would be amazing to get people who love freedom and liberty over the world to come on this call which begins at 8 pm Central USA time - 605-475-8500 PIN 5092984.

The group that sponsors this call is "The Freedom Fellowship" - we were some of the original leaders/organizers of Aaron Russo's America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF) volunteer network. I was the National Volunteer Coordinator for AFTF from it's inception in May 2006 through early March 2007.

We were the part of the leadership team of group/organizers behind the "Vote In Sunshine" project at the Ames Iowa Strawpoll - - in an attempt to ensure the votes of Ron Paul supporters were not flushed down the river.

see also

you can reach me/us over at

Peace and God Bless,

Fred (Peace in swedish)

soulmantim said...

I'm trying to make a video of ron paul supporters around the world.
I need pic/video of you and your group in front of a monument of your country holding a Ron Paul banner or something like that to show your support. Here is the video. I'm trying to form a International Partners of Peace, the more responses I get the easier it is for me to make the video. I think I'm going to go on the radio on friday and promote it.

Fabio Bossi said...

Hi Asia,

show your support:

Cheerio from Germany


A Christian Prophet said...

Good to see Ron Paul support everywhere. It's about much more than ending a war. It's about people being free to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes, according to this article about Ron Paul and passion:

Anonymous said...


I couldn't find an e-mail to send you a message so am using your comments function.

We have recently launched a new website to support Ron Paul, "Rons Pols Latvija", written in both English and Latvian. We are very serious about promoting free market economics, small government, liberty and Ron Paul's campaign. We link to your site and would very much appreciate a back link to our site.

Kind regards,